3rd Global Conference on Criminal Finances and Cryptocurrencies

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Descrição do Evento

Expect this conference to be different from similar events on cryptocurrencies. The focus will be placed on tackling the virtual assets phenomenon from the financial investigation perspective: how criminals are using cryptocurrencies to launder money and how they launder their crypto proceeds; what are the techniques for tracing, freezing and seizing virtual assets; how cryptocurrencies can be abused for terrorism financing purposes.

The tri-party group acts as a bridge between cybercrime experts and financial investigators and this conference presents a unique possibility for networking with LEAs on a global level as well as involved actors from the private sector.

Approximately 100 participants are expected to take part in the event. As the EU agency for law enforcement cooperation, Europol takes the lead in supporting the MS addressing these relevant emerging challenges.


Expected outcomes of the event:
- Europol will continue to develop a network of practitioners from cybercrime, money laundering and terrorism financing units, FIUs, asset recovery offices and judicial authorities to share best practices on cases were cryptocurrencies are used for money laundering purposes.
- Europol will improve the existing knowledge and this will enable developing procedures for the detection (red flag indicators), investigation, seizure and confiscation of cryptocurrencies.
- Europol and the Member States will be able to obtain new and relevant contact points to address investigative requests related to anti money laundering and financial investigations involving virtual assets.


Also, read this article about Cybercrime, so you have a all-in view of why conferences like this are extremely important:


  • Data: de 06 a 07 de março de 2019
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